How To Get More Out Of Your Day

If you are feeling that you do not have enough time or that 24 hours aren’t enough to truly enjoy your day then maybe you need to reconsider how you are spending your day, because even when there’s so much to do every day you can still make an efficient use of your time.

If you want a bit of extra time on your days to exercise, watch your favorite series, learn something or just to rest, then you have to be efficient with the activities you already do, here we made a list that will help you get these extra hours.

  1. Watching television can be a time consuming hobby, if you don’t want to entirely cut it out of your life then you might want to pay for a streaming service that won’t waste your time in watching useless ads. Try watching shows that you truly enjoy, if you’re waiting for your favorite show to start then don’t do it watching something you don’t like, usa that time to do something useful instead.
  2. Planning your day the night before or in the morning will make you spend less time wondering what you should be doing each day. Make a list of things to do then think which hour of the day you will use to complete each one, this way you won’t end up making an inefficient use of your time or wondering why you didn’t have enough time to do the things you had or wanted to do.
  3. If you’re spending too much time on the internet then try to schedule your internet activities, social media networks can easily become a bad habit for your lifeand the same could be said for online games, while these are fun activities they can quickly take up your time without you even noticing. Make a schedule that will let you enjoy your online activities while leaving room for doing other things.
  4. If you don’t like doing menial tasks in your day then it might be time to hire someone to do it, mowing your lawn or cleaning your house can take a lot of precious time, time you could spend in activities you do like doing. You can also do the same thing at work, if you outsource tedious chores like checking your email, answering calls or writing reports to a virtual assistant then you will have enough time to do what is truly important.

If you spend too much time working then you might end up like the character Jonny from the Shining, and you definitely don’t want that, on the other hand if you spend your day neglecting what you have to do then you might end up fired. Remember that you need to find a balance where you can be comfortable with the amount of hours you spend on both your work and your free time, while leaving enough to rest well.

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