Productivity Tips

You might feel like there are not enough hours in a day and the truth is that everyone feels like that, it doesn’t matter how much we try to stretch our hours we always wish we had a bit more of time. What is truly important is being happy and satisfied with how we spend our time, and the only way to reach a status in which we can go to our beds feeling like we did everything we wanted to do is using our time an efficient manner.

Being productive isn’t only a matter of how we do our work.  The method in which we live and do our things can add so much to our lives, if you’re giving your best at work then you should try the same at home. We have made a list of productivity tips that can help everyone become happier with how they spend their time.

  • Give priorities priority. There are some responsibilities that just can’t be ignored, if you waste too much time doing chores of lessen importance instead of doing something that matters then you can run the risk of feeling bad at the end of your day.
  • Plan your day. This is the simplest tip you will hear, planning your day can give insight on the things you need to do. When someone is aware of the time needed to do important tasks they will be more inclined to do them, this is because they can assign an hour of their day to accomplish them. Plan your day in the morning or the night before, ask yourself which things you want to do and which you need to do, assign a time of the day to do them but be sure to give yourself a margin of error.
  • Use reminders. Even with some careful planning we can still miss some errands if we outright forget them. Try using something to remember yourself to do what you wanted to do.

Post-it notes are famous for being using as reminders, you can write down tasks and stick them in a visible part of your house, these notes are very persuasive so if you’re not living alone they might convince someone else to share some of the house responsibilities.

But in the event you are always moving from one place to another then you should use your smartphone instead, there are many useful applications that can act as your virtual assistants.

  • Be more aware of the time spent online. Checking your email and your social networks might seem like some quick things you do every now and them, but the time spent on them add up quickly. If you’re always spending a little bit over 5 minutes on social networks every time you receive a notification then you will lose your time fast, the same could be said for your email.

Scheduling a certain hour of your day to check your email will prevent you from checking it over your entire day, the same could be said for social networks.

If you’re happier with how you spent the day when you go to sleep then you will wake up with a feeling of accomplishment that will help you tackle your day better, now follow these tips and be productive!

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