Working With Millennials

Millennials, a young generation born between the middle of the 80’s and the middle of the 90’s, they are known for their creative minds and disdain for boredom and uninteresting things, they are good team players and love any good feedback they receive, as they can use it to advance their careers.

Since they were the last generation to step out before the new millennium, they have had plenty of time to adapt and adjust to new technologies; this is why they are always connected and interacting with each other.

Working with them might be a hard thing to get used to if you’re a bit stern and old fashioned, but do not let their easy-going and carefree attitude trick you, their flexible way of thinking will bring benefits to any workplace and their innate affinity with gadgets and technologies will always come in handy.

Be a good leader. Millennials tend to like leaders that steer them in the right direction, they also like to receive feedback and are always prepared to process and use any advice if it means becoming more competent and useful to their team.

A good leader can help them see the bigger picture and can also serve as a role-model, millennials love learning new things from more experienced professionals, as they can see and learn at the same time.

Take advantage of their multitasking abilities. A millennial is always on the move and is prone to do many things at once, how do you think they can listen to music while answering emails AND chatting to their co-workers about what has to be done next WHILE moving from one place to another? Do not underestimate how much they can do and provide them with various small tasks or a couple of large ones; they will handle them with ease.

Promote teamwork between them. Millennials are a pretty social bunch since they are always connected to their social media, that is why chatting and being in constant touch with their co-workers is seem as something normal.

If you start promoting teamwork between them you will have a useful set of employees that will begin to get close to each other quickly, they like to keep their teammates updated with what is going on and are not shy to ask for help, they also like to assist and teach those who need guidance.

Be ready to work as a mediator though, as any rivalry between them will diminish their work efficiency and morale.

Allow responsible use of technologies. To a millennial a cellphone or a tablet is an extension of their bodies, they use it to quickly seek and gather information, to exchange data with their co-workers and to release some steam off of work, be it by playing, chatting or just listening to some music.

As long as their electronic devices are not hindering their work efficiency or their attention during their working hours, any workplace will definitely benefit from allowing them.

If you promote and allow a responsible use of technologies, then you are creating a flexible environment that they will definitely like. You can play a part too by getting in contact with them through chatting or making videoconferences.

They won’t like a job that totally prohibits them from using their gadgets, to most of them any workplace like that is barbaric and unfair.

Millennials hate being bored. You can design your workplace to foment their social behavior and their teamwork, this way they will always have a sense of what is happening without getting bored.

Be ready to implement rooms where they can go to chill out in their free time, things like a soccer-table or a pong-table are really good for them as it will give them something to do when there is nothing else to be done or when they are waiting for new orders.

Millennials are a highly valuable asset to any workplace and love to see how much they have grown, so be sure to keep them motivated and always point out any progress they make.

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