Why Are You Losing Your Highest Producing Employees

Every business has employees that are naturally more competent than others, they tend to be smart and committed to their jobs, are able to handle bigger workloads and are seen as hard workers that inspire and mentor others with less skill than them. The more committed employees your business has the better it works, that’s why you should put importance in keeping not only your good workers, but also the ones that have the potential to become one.

But what if they are leaving your business? Well losing high producing employees could come at a high cost as they have more knowledge about the way your business and the industry works, but then, why would they leave a job they are good at?

Not all employees leave their jobs due to not being happy with their salaries, even while being paid well is an important factor there are others things to consider.

  1. They are not happy with their work environment. 17% of employees leave because they don’t like the way they’re being treated. If your manager isn’t good at leading or if he has poor communication skills, then your employees may feel like they lack a direction or that they aren’t doing anything meaningful. Your manager should be a leader that knows how to move and develop others and be able to properly lay out his orders.
  1. They don’t feel appreciated. Being recognized is another deciding factor, if you aren´t congratulating your employees when they are trying their best then you probably aren’t inspiring them to keep working for you, don’t underestimate the power of a pat in the back or a simple “good job!” every now and then. Employees that are properly recognized tend to be more productive and have better relationships with their bosses.
  1. Lack of a good work environment. Their work environment is really important too, if they are always stressed at work due to their workloads, or the way they are being treated, or having to work long hours then they will feel forced to leave their jobs. Everyone has enough stress factors at home, why would they want to have more at work?

Obviously no work is stress-free, but if you develop ways for your employees to vent out their stress or if you reduce their stress factors then they won’t feel as pressured all the time. Even small things like bringing them treats or promoting a friendlier and more social work environment can help your employees feel better.

  1. Career advancements. At 37% this is the main deciding factor of employee turnover. If your more competent employee feels that working for you won’t advance his career then he will look for better opportunities outside. Sometimes you won’t be able to do anything about this, the only thing you can do is to keep developing your business so your employees will feel like they have things to learn and grow.

And this probably won’t surprise anyone, but 22% of employees left their works due to being unpaid or not getting enough benefits. If you want to keep those that are in it for the money, then you must look for ways to keep them engaged, as according to a Gallup “Engaged employees are far more likely to perceive that they are paid appropriately for the work they do (43%), compared to employees who are disengaged (15%) or actively disengaged (13%).”

Now you know that if you want to keep your employees, then you should engage them, keep them happy and pay them well.