When It All Goes Wrong

We all have had bad streaks; periods of our lives where everything doesn’t go as we would have liked and that can make us feel like if the world around us is crumbling. Having the feeling that everything went wrong is normal as everyone has felt it at some point in their lives. Everything is temporary and being able to beat our problems is what makes us stronger. Take a look at what you should do in case everything goes wrong, keep in mind that if you’re feeling very stressed or depressed you should seek for professional help as quickly as possible.

Avoid being in denial, accept that bad times are happening as it can give you a clearer view of your current situation. Don’t let the panic and feelings of grief take over you, think of all the other problems you beat in the past no matter how small they were, tell yourself that if you were able to beat those then you will be able to go through this hard moment of your life. Don’t get stuck on useless and hurtful thoughts like “what if” or “why me” as the answers to these questions won’t help you at all, center on what is happening right now, not on what could be happening.

Remember that complaining and feeling angry about what you’re going through won’t help you at all, think of all the things you still have. Remind yourself that you still have things in your life that makes you happy and that are worthy fighting for, like your dear ones or your life goals. Don’t be afraid to ask for the help of your dear ones, they can hear your problems and give you support, and what’s more, they can help you solve your problems as they will be able to offer you their unbiased opinions.

If you do not have people who can support you or if for some reason you don’t want to reach for them you can always call any suicide-prevention lines available in your country. Even if you don’t have feelings of suicide they will still offer their help in overcoming your problems.

When you’re feeling better about your current status, accept what you went thru. Take the time to think about the actions that made you pass through these difficult situations and what can you learn from them, you must find the lesson that will teach you to not repeat the same mistakes. Take care of yourself, don’t pass on foods and spend time doing activities that keep you busy and moving, like playing a sport or walking or activities that keep you engaged and in a good mood, like doing art or starting a new hobby, spending time with close friends or with your family can help a lot too. Think about the things you can change and the things you can’t so you won’t spend your energies trying to change the unchangeable.

If you are going through some hard moments you must gather strength and enough resolve to be able to tackle your problems. Don’t focus on your struggles, but on what can you do to overcome them. Be thankful that you’re still alive, because as long as you breathe you can still fight to reclaim your happiness.

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