Turning Leads Into Sales

You could say that a lead is someone who is interested in your business, you got his attention, but he is still not convinced if he should spend his money, yet. If you want to sell your goods then you have to put efforts in your methods of lead generation, as they create interest for your business that in turn makes people aware of your products or services. Being able to generate leads will help you stay afloat in a competitive market as it can give you the edge over your competitors.

Just making leads isn’t enough, you have to transform their interest into action, convince them that they want to spend their money on your products or services, this shouldn’t be that hard to do, after all, you already have their attention.

Show, don’t just tell. If you want your potential customers to become interested in your product you must give them visuals, as articles with images get 94% more total views. Make infographics about why your customers should buy your product and the advantages it offers and pair them with an image of your product. This image should be of good quality, as 67% of consumers think that the quality of a product image is very important when buying a product. If you are doing a press release then add high definition images or videos along with your article to catch their interest, this is especially important in sites such as Facebook where users are way more likely to get engaged if they have a visual cue.

Offer deals. About 70% of people who receive special offers coupons on their email use them. So if they have subscribed to your emails offer them even more reasons to spend their money on your business.

Convince them, don’t push them. You don’t want your lead to become tired of hearing about your products or services as this might make them turn away from you, you just want them to know why they should spend their money on your goods.

You can tell your leads something like “This product offers X and Y and will solve the problem of Z” instead of just saying “Buy it now”. This works because nowadays customers feel the need to know what they are truly buying and if their money is being spent efficiently, they are used to compare prices between products and learn the most of them. This means that by the time they buy a product they already know how it works and their pros and cons, and if you’re the one informing them about the ins and outs of your products then they will keep coming at you to learn, so you must offer them articles, videos, infographics, anything that could keep them interested and informed.

Follow up. You can turn previous buyers into leads again if you contact them again from time to time, write them or call them asking if they are still interested in buying your products. You can also set an automated e-mail that is sent whenever they spend too much time without entering your business’ landing page, this email should contain links to your articles, offers, and information about your most recent products, this way you can keep them up to date with your business.