The importance of a sound mind and a healthy body cannot be overemphasized. While consuming the right food at the right time is a step in the right direction to achieving healthy living, it is difficult to meet our daily nutritional needs by focusing on just eating. The market is replete with independent nutritional retailers offering various nutritional supplements for sale. 

To wear the brass ring of successful living and keep the doctors away, here are the top nutrition independent retailers in the United States of America.


VitaCoast is committed to building a healthy American society by selling clinically proven, high-quality nutritional supplements to cater to your dietary needs. With free delivery to over 150 countries across the globe, Vitacoast has cast a niche for itself as a one-stop center for nutritional, eco-friendly, organic products and supplements. Dedicated to supporting American communities in need through its full support to the Zero Hunger, Zero Waste initiative by Kroger, you may be saving a child from starving while nourishing your body with beneficial nutrients as you patronize Vitacoast. 

Strict adherence to quality control measures ensures that whatever you purchase from this independent nutrition retailer is of superior quality. Apart from nutritional supplements, customers can customize their diet to cut off sugar, dairy products, soy, keto, etc., through the vitacoast website. Vitacoast also offers health support solutions to combat stress, insomnia, excessive weight gain, and indigestion.

Klean Athlete

As you might have guessed from its name, this top nutrition independent retail was conceived to provide athletes with their daily nutritional needs. This is not to suggest you have to undergo a rigorous test to prove that you are an athlete to benefit from their massive collection of multivitamins and other dietary supplements. Their products are GMO-free and brilliantly formulated by nutritional experts using state-of-the-art technology and dispensing off artificial coloring, sweeteners, wheat, and gluten. Strict adherence to NSF international quality standards and the utilization of superior manufacturing processes secures Klean Athlete a place on our list.

Nordic Naturals

Nordic Naturals is Joar Opheim’s solution to the menace of adulterated, low-quality cod-liver oil that is widely sold in the United States. Joar began Nordic Naturals by importing high-quality, non-diluted cod-liver oil from his home country of Norway. 

Apart from selling cod liver oil of superior quality, this independent nutrition retailer offers a wide range of vitamins, immune-boosting supplements, just to mention a few. Enjoy free shipping on Nordic Naturals’ environmental toxins and contaminants-free products that cater to the nutritional needs of adults and kids alike. Whether you are looking for nutrients to promote bone health, mental health, and comfortable living, look no further than Nordic Naturals.


Selecting the top nutrition independent retailers is not a walk in the park; this list was reached by taking customers satisfaction into great cognizance; these three independent nutritional retailers tick the right boxes as their products are clinically proven to be effective in meeting the nutritional needs of Americans, they are the finest the united states of America has to offer.