Set Aside 20 Minutes Each Day to Do This

The current world is constantly keeping us busy, we’re always moving from one place to another doing whatever tasks we must do at the moment that we rarely can have an hour of relief for ourselves. Even when we can’t have the privilege of a good amount of time to rest our mind and body we can still set apart a little bit more than one quarter of an hour to ‘breathe’.

Being able to take a quick rest is vital if we don’t want to end with a buildup of stress and anxiety that can degrade our mood, morale and productivity levels. By keeping these factors in check you will be able to maintain an optimal peace of mind and body.

20 minutes might not seem like much, but they are more than enough to do some quick activities that can make you get a quick dopamine boost that will keep you motivated and in a good mood, that’s why we rounded some quick activities that will help you feel better effortlessly.

Rhythmic breathing. If you’ve been to yoga or if you have practiced a sport then you probable have been taught how to breathe in a rhythmic way. Paced breathing allows the body to reset its pace and can bring to our minds some quick relief from stress and tension. If you do not know how to take long breaths that’s okay, seat comfortably and put one hand on your belly, breathe in slowly through your nose and let your belly push your hand, hold your breath for a couple of seconds then release the air using your mouth. It’s easy and everyone should be able to do this wherever they are.

Make art. Therapists have been using art to help their patients with their treatments for many years. You might think of coloring books as child’s play, but psychologist Carl Jung suggested that coloring mandalas serves as a therapeutic method to improve the state of mind of his patients.

You do not need to have skills to create art, there are many coloring books directed at adults that can help you reduce your anxiety levels, they have no coloring rules so you won’t even have to worry about “doing it right”. You can also just take a pen and a piece of paper and doodle around, make straight lines, circles or better, let yourself go, it might be hard to believe but it can bring the same results.

Daydream. Being blessed with strong imagination can help in relieving stress with just closing your eyes. If you have memories of a happy place where you have been in the past close your eyes, imagine yourself there, walking, appreciating the views and smiling at strangers. Think of things that make you feel happy, your dear ones, memories of your favorite party and focus on the calmness that your memories bring you.

There are others things you can do in 20 minutes, listening to some music and tapping your fingers at its rhythm can work for you, appreciating what is around you can be of help you build awareness and tranquility. Your mind’s health is important, so set aside a moment of your time to maintain it.


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