Say This When You Make A Mistake

To err is human, and we’re all humans. We all make mistakes from time to time and that’s ok, we shouldn’t be ashamed of our errors, the only thing that matters is what we do and say after doing something wrong and all the things we can learn from them, just imagine a world where people do not learn from their faults, doctors would not know better treatments for their patients, engineers would not know how to construct buildings in earthquake prone areas and computer viruses would rule the internet, mistakes are ok, not learning from them is not.

While you should try your best as often as possible you probably already know that no one can’t keep up with everything and that having slipups every now and then is something common, so don’t let your morale fall for every mistake you make, instead start by accepting and assuming them, as no one likes someone who doesn’t accept their errors because it complicates everything. People that are too prideful to admit their faults won’t grow as much and quickly as those who do it, so if you want to know how what to do after making a mistake, keep reading!

  • “What went wrong?” Should be the first thing you should tell yourself, analyzing the elements and situations that lead up to a mistake will make you more aware of them, this way the next time you try, these elements won’t be a concern since you know that they should be addressed properly if you don’t want to repeat the same mistake. Let’s say that you were driving and when trying to take a turn you get rear ended, think about what went wrong, did you have your turning signals on? Maybe you had a few drinks? Make yourself as many questions as possible and try to answer them truthfully.
  • “It was my fault.” If after you analyzed the situation you realize that you made a mistake you should always accept it, not assuming your mistakes will prevent you from learning the most from them as you would be oblivious of the things you did wrong. Assuming your mistakes will also make the others see you as a person capable of growing and that works to adapt to new situations, not assuming them will ironically make others see you as someone that shouldn’t be trusted.
  • “I will learn from my mistake.” After assuming and analyzing your mistake the next thing to do is to think how you can prevent them from happening again. Using the same example as before, if you get rear ended while driving and you realized that you didn’t turn your lights on before making a turn, then you will prevent that from happening again if by switching your turning signals on before making a turn.

Mistakes happens, and that is something we can’t prevent all the time, instead of feeling bad about them take the chance to learn from your errors and grow as a person.

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