Relationship Building Versus Selling

Building a sale-based relationship is way more beneficial than just selling. Selling something without giving much importance to the client may give you an instant profit, but when you gain your client’s trust you’re earning a customer that will return to you whenever they need what you sell and that will talk about you and your business to their friends.

The most prolific salesmen are experts in convincing, connecting and making friends with their clients, they are skilled in making sturdy personal connections that will give them opportunities that those who aren’t liked by their customers wouldn’t have, in fact the most efficient salesmen make twice the relationships than those who aren’t as effective.

A seller that gives importance to building sales relationship becomes the first source of value to their buyers. Their clients will be more open to their opinion because they trust him, and they also will be more likely to give their own opinion and ideas. This means that building relationships increases the rate of interactions with potential buyers.

The more efficient way to gain your clients’ trust is to know how to interact with them. When speaking to them, be sure to do so in a friendly manner, matching the tone and volume of their voice. Use body language to maintain a fluid conversation and keep their attention focused to you. Be sure to show confidence, they have to see how much you know what you’re talking.

When is your turn to listen, make an effort to understand what they are telling you. Don’t just pretend you’re listening because you will seem rude if they find out and you might also lose opportunities to convince them that what you’re selling will solve their problems. Don’t make assumptions, if you are not sure about what they mean then ask them questions, making questions will also show that you’re interested in what they’re saying, and it might give you more understanding of their needs.

Finding things in common with your client will also help when building relationships, if you discover that they’re interested in the same things as you or that you shared a similar experience with them, then it is a good idea to make a comment about it, but don’t go too hard on it, the idea is to gain your client’s trust and use it to sell, avoid shifting the point of the conversation. Social media networks can serve you in uncovering your client’s interests and almost everyone will be willing to give you their Facebook or Instagram profiles if you ask it nicely.

You should be aware that just building a relationship and being liked isn’t enough. You must use the connection you just made with your client as a tool to sell him your product. Use the talk to make him comfortable with you, and use what you learn when listening to give him the solutions they want. If they are happy with your presence and your product then you just increased your chances of success with a potential buyer that believes in you and your business.

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