Industry Insights That Could Impact Your Business

Being able to keep with recent trends that could define the future of marketing could be the key to a door of new business opportunities. Everyday new marketing tools show up in the form of new technologies that will impact any business willing to make use of them.

The amount of recent technological developments is so big that filtering them could take anyone a considerable amount of time, so we decided to our part and bring you a list with 5 insights that experts consider will impact business the most.

  • Voice interaction. Being able to interact with your gadgets via voice commands is a trend that is gaining a lot of traction. Giving commands and receiving information without using your hands will increase the work efficiency of your employees and the attention of your customers. Your employees could access and send information without taking their hands off of their working pcs thus increasing their multitasking abilities. Customers love easy to use and convenient products, so a gadget that can be commanded without leaving the sofa will definitely attract their interest, besides, they would love to have a “J.A.R.V.I.S-like experience”.
  • Virtual Reality.If you haven’t kept up with how far virtual reality gadgets have advanced we would understand, as the possibility of enjoying a whole different reality at the comfort of own homes sounds like it deals within the realms of impossibility.

Virtual reality could help any business in delivering original and personalized experiences. Architects could give their clients a tour inside their dream houses, car dealers would take their customers to a ride in the car they’re interested and fashion and 3D designers could sell their apparel items to online gamers. If you want to offer fresh experiences, then you should put some bets in the development of this technology.

  • Data mining. You might have heard that most customers don’t like to be followed while they are navigating through the web, but nowadays it is almost impossible to not have our information harvested by whatever website or application we’re using. But there should be a reason why nearly everyone is doing it, right?

The one and only reason why the harvest of information has become a recent trend is because it is useful in marketing campaigns. Being able to literally read what your customers want and do while they’re using your goods can give you an insight on how and what else to offer them.

While the use of this method of data harvesting is still under heavy criticism it might become more accepted over time when customers realize that their data is mostlybeing used to advertise them the products they are most interested.

Now that you know which trends could impact your business the most on the long run its time to make your own preparations to adopt them. Keep in mind that the main goal of these technologies is the delivery of new customizable experiences that will invite customers to interact with your business.

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