How To Do More With Less

You have probably heard this phrase before as in today’s world you’re expected to be able to complete tasks using as little as possible, in other words, the less resources and time you spend the better. Being able to do more with less means that you get more results from your efforts and that every ounce of work you do matters.

You have to be both efficient and effective in the way you work, but while being able to get more results from fewer resources sounds counterintuitive, it is actually a skill that can help you get out of dire situations and work under extreme conditions.

  1. Watch your time. It is really easy to lose track of time and how we spend it when we’re focused. You have to watch the amount of time you dedicate to something, if you are spending too much on finishing an assignment then maybe you’re taking the wrong approach, don’t be afraid of changing the way you are doing things if it will make you more efficient.

Don’t shift your attention to other things that are not important at the moment, even if you aren’t able to focus you should avoid doing other things that could trap you into wasting time on them. If you cannot center on your work take a deep breath, clear your mind and then try again.

If you want to get more done on your day you need to spend more time trying to accomplish the goals you have set yourself to do in a predetermined amount of time. If you dedicate 1 hour to get something done you have to focus yourself on getting it done, don’t spend time checking your social networks, texting or browsing reddit if you still have other things to do.

  1. Focus on a single task. To be able to get something done faster you have to put all your attention on it, this way you can have more time to think which things could help and which won’t. Don’t try to do many things at the same time, for example, if you want to launch a product and you’re still on the designing phase, then focus on designing it, don’t spend your time making an advertising plan for a product that still doesn’t exists.
  1. Communicate better. You don’t want to spend your precious time explaining someone how is your work going or how can he do his part faster. Find the proper words to avoid wasting an hour on small meetings.

You must also learn to say “no”, as you shouldn’t burden yourself with extra work as it is the perfect recipe for a work burnout, if someone asks you to do something you are not able to do at the moment then just say it, keep yourself focused on your priorities.

It is hard to know how to start doing more with less when you are not used to it, but it is a way of doing things that just “grows” on you, so just start centering on where you can make a contribution first, then go for everything else.