How To Differentiate Your Product

Delivering an original premise to your customers is something really important for every business since a product that stands out it is more likely to get bought.

But creating something different and unique isn’t as easy as it sounds because there might be countless businesses that are offering the same product as yours, but you shouldn’t pay much attention to that, as long as you bring to your customers an experience that feels unique you can even differentiate your products from others even when there isn’t much of a difference.

A good brand is the key of all this. If your brand rotates around a good idea that is well perceived by customers then you can push it so they can associate your products with your brand. You need to think of a good marketing campaign that can bring the attention of your target demographic while at the same time maintaining the liked values of your business.

Here are some other things you can do to differentiate your product:

Research your target demographic. Knowing who’s going to buy your product even before launching it can help a lot, this way you can have a more complete knowledge of what do they like to see in products similar to yours.

Take a look at your competitor’s products. Other brands are probably offering the same product you want to sell. You need to take a look at what they are offering and how it is presented but you don’t want to copy them, what you are going to do is to take note of what makes them good and what makes them bad in the eyes of their customers.

Now you can use this acquired knowledge to design your product in a way that implements the same concept as your competitor’s, but better. Take a look at Google, search engines existed way before they made their impact but they decided to market themselves as “The” search engine to use by covering the faults that the others had. Other companies like Yahoo! and AOL already had search engines, but they weren’t as good as Google’s.

Offer some goodies. Offering some extra stuff along with your product can make it more compelling and memorable.Some companies put “thank you” cards inside their product’s packaging that often carry QR codes with links that direct them to on-line goodies, such as digital gift-cards and images, customers love being rewarded for spending their money in the products they like.

Make your package memorable. Your package is the first thing that your potential customers will see, so be sure to design it in a way that it catches their attention. If you’re able to design a package that your customers will keep it just because how good it looks then you’ll hit a jackpot.

Make a good selling strategy. Promotion campaigns are always making the difference. If you are able to perform a good advertising campaign then you can be able to differentiate your products from others even when they’re not much different than yours. Lego copied Kiddicraft’s plastic bricks and then implemented a marketing strategy so good that it pushed Kiddicraft’s out of the business.

If you offer a different and better experience to the customers that buy from you then you’ll have a product that stands out in both the eyes of your most loyal customers and those of your potential ones.


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