How To Differentiate Your Brand

The marketing world has always been competitive, new businesses and brands show up every day offering new products and services that could be the same as the ones your business offers, so you must build a strong brand so you won’t have a hard time gaining new customers.

The internet have made competition between brands even more fierce as it fashioned a way to reach customers without making much effort, and that isn’t all, thanks to globalization some businesses have started to buy goods from other countries to sell them as their own, resulting in cheap products that could steal some customers from other businesses.

So, what can you do to make your business more competitive? The only way to stay afloat in such a fierce market is to build a strong brand. A business should build their brand to be seem as attractive and interactive, which is why strong brands bring more customers.

Offer good customer service. 73% of brand loyalists love their brands because of their friendly customer service.But you shouldn’t just offer a good service to your clients, you must offer then the best customer service around so whenever they need the goods you offer you will be their main provider instead of your main competitors. To enhance the way your business deals with its customers you can do quick surveys to find out what they like, what they don’t like, and what changes would they like to see in your business.

Give it an attractive logo. If you want your brand to be remembered you should create a charming logo for it. Your brand’s logo should also stick to few colors as they increase brand recognition by 80%. It should also be simple so it can be remembered easier. A good example of an excellent brand design is that of McDonald’s and their single yellow M, or Apple and their white apple.

Engage in social network activities. The social networks are a great marketing tool that can help you build strong brand loyalty. You should post content related to your products often, but you should not fill your feed entirely with ads, as 45% of consumers will unfollow a brandif its feed is entirely comprised of self-promotion.  The more your brand’s social network interacts with your customers, the better. Often post content that is useful to your customers and answer their replies with a good mood.

You can also make your customers more interested in your brand if it has an Instagram account. You can requests videos or pictures of past customers using your products and then make a compilation video or a photo collage respectively, but make sure that they know what you are going to do with their media. You should also use hashtags so your pictures can be found by others that are not following you, but don’t overuse them, be natural. You can also hire influencers to upload pictures of them using your goods.

Now that you know the basics of how to differentiate your brand, you should be always ready to fulfill your client’s expectation, so be sure to be always interacting with them so they can become your brand’s loyal followers, good luck!