How To Cultivate Brand Evangelists

Having a large amount of brand evangelists is something every business wants. Companies like Apple are able to influence their customers to wait for days at the front of their shops just to buy their new products. They will also defend their favorite brand with a fiery heart and will recommend and speak loud about every product it launches with passion, they are a helpful marketing asset too as they will make any promotional campaign more effective as they increase its exposure.

It all sounds good right? But they don’t come easily as they only show up when your business is doing the right thing. To be able to cultivate your own brand evangelists you must offer them a nice mix of quality products, great experiences and good advertising.

You must know which demographic is the most likely to become brand evangelists. The easiest way to identify them is to take a look at who’s happy with the goods you offer. Being able to recognize them is the key to develop them into brand evangelists. But there are times in which you can’t even predict who they are, the most prominent example of this are the “Bronies”, which is how the adult males fans of the cartoon show “My Little Pony” call themselves.

Interact a lot. Nowadays almost everyone is an active user of a social network, you can interact with your potential fanatics via web, doing this will increase your interactions with them.

Brands like Coca-Cola do this all the time, their PR team are always answering tweets of appreciation on twitter. Sonic the Hedgehog’s PR team is another great example of successful (albeit weird)marketing moves, they know how that their brand evangelists love memes so they produce their own.

You can also hire an influencer they like to subtly advertise your product, if they see that their favorite youtuber or instagramer is using your product then they will feel compelled to try it too.

This happens a lot in the gaming industry where brands send gadgets to streamers so they can use them in their feed, this gives the gadget a lot of exposure to others who might be interested in using said gadget.

If you aim to receive exposure you can convince some of your customers to pose using your goods in pictures and videos which you can then publish in your website and your social networks, being perceived as a brand that makes people happy can help you bring in good views. If you’re cunning enough you can make use of hashtags in your media to encourage whoever is buying your products to post a picture in their social networks.

This is how many tattoo artists make their living. Almost everyone has a friend who posted a picture of their new tattoo along with hashtags that relate to tattoos and a much desired link to the profile of the tattoo artist or of the shop where he got it.

Making brand evangelists won’t matter if you’re not able to keep them so you must research and talk to them to get to know what do they like about your business and keep giving that which they like. You should innovate too, so don’t be afraid to study which others things they would like to see in your brand. Now go look for your potential brand evangelists and interact with them as much as you need!

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