Wine Health Boost®

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About Wine Health Boost®

Wine Health Boost® A perfect gift for wine lovers. Alcohol-free and safe for adults and children, it comes elegantly displayed in five-star packaging at checkout. Six pocket-size bottles fit snugly in an open-front countertop box with fold-up back banner. Add health and flavor to any drink with this pure all-natural grape wine made by removing wine’s water and alcohol. The result, 10 glasses of wine concentrated in 2.5 fluid ounces. Turn a glass of water into wine with a one-teaspoon squeeze or enhance any beverage. Grape wine polyphenol antioxidants are proven to promote weight loss, immunity, heart health, cancer prevention, sleep & memory and skin tone & radiance. Ingredients of France & Italy. Detox, keto, vegan, non-GMO. 13 calories a serving. FDA safe 2-year shelf life. Made for daily health maintenance.

Manufactured by NouvEau Inc. in Clearwater, Florida from Products of France & Italy.

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