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VOLTRX was founded in 2017 with a simple mission: to create a mixer bottle that could be used every day. We wanted to cater to serious fitness and exercise enthusiasts, rather than mass-discount retailers. Our aim was to design a product for people who are dedicated to pursuing a better life. Today, over 1 million people have embraced VOLTRX as they strive to improve themselves, whether it’s before a heavy squat, after a routine workout, or simply for daily cardio.

At VOLTRX, we firmly believe that every fitness enthusiast deserves the best tools to help them achieve their goals. In 2019, we launched our brand with the goal of revolutionizing the way we mix protein shakes and supplements. Our passion lies in assisting people to become better versions of themselves, and we take pride in offering a product that accomplishes just that.

We are a group of fitness enthusiasts who grew tired of consuming protein powder mixed with the unpleasant taste of clumps. We believe that the foundation of a great brand and company is rooted in love and perseverance, qualities that we also associate with “fitness and sportsmanship.”