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50 year-old trusted vitamin, mineral supplement, sports nutrition and beauty company enters the CBD market to bring consumers clinically-validated formulas in easy-to-take capsules made from DNA traceable hemp seeds with 3rd party testing readily available to the consumer via QR codes on their product labels.Why does Twinlab CBD+ have QR codes on their bottles?Twinlab chose to put QR codes on our bottles so the consumer can easily access our 3rd party testing and hemp seed DNA data with a click of their phone.Why did Twinlab decide to add Phytocab Support Blend and Beta-caryophyllene to the Twinlab CBD+ formulations?Twinlab uses hemp-derived CBD, beta-caryophyllene and a wide range of naturally occuring phytocannabinoids (Phytocab Support Blend) from other plant sources. This formulation provides a superior effect as all the ingredients work synergystically (AKA the Entourage Effect). The ‘entourage effect’ refers to the full-bodied experience that occurs when phytocannabinoids, terpenes, flavonoids and other compounds work synergystically to magnify the intended effects — as opposed to just one or two of these beneficial compounds working in isolation.

Product ingredients:

Twinlab CBD+ Daily: Full-spectrum hemp extract (20 mg per serving), Phytocab Support Blend, Beta-caryophyllene

Twinlab CBD+ Stress: Full-spectrum hemp extract (15 mg per serving), Beta-caryophyllene, Stress Support Blend (patent pending blend of GABA, Venetron, Schisandra and Taurine), Vitamin D3

Twinlab CBD+ Sleep: Full-spectrum hemp extract (15 mg per serving), Phytocab Support Blend, Beta-cayophyllene, Sleep Support Blend (patent pending blend of Lactium, Sensoril, Schisandra and Taurine), Folate, Vitamin B12

Twinlab CBD+ Relief: Full-spectrum hemp extract (15 mg per serving), Phytocab Support Blend, Beta-Caryophyllene, Relief Support Blend (clinically validated blend of probiotics), Boswelia

Product Line Highlights:

-EU Certified Organic Hemp
-EU Commission Certified Seed DNA
-Full-spectrum hemp extract
-Terpene and flavonoid rich
-<0.3% THC
-3rd Party Tested
-Expert Formulated

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