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About TIDL Sport

TIDL Sport “Plant Powered” Cryotherapy Spray

Daily Recovery – 3 oz spray that has 360 degree usability for entire body application. 500 mg plant based ingredients that promote pain relief, healing, and anti-inflammatory benefits to supplement intense exercise and promote full body recovery – every single day.

Rapid Relief
Cryo-effect formula delivers a cool blast of relief on contact that absorbs into the muscle for full recovery

Organic Therapy
500 mg of plant-based ingredients promote long term healing and address pain and inflammation directly at the source

TIDL Sport Performance Cream

TIDL Sport Performance Cream will absolutely change the way you train and recover. Used by some of the top athletes in the world, you will never miss a beat and feel better than ever – with the results that show it.

Rapid Relief
Soothing sensation kicks in immediately upon application, utilizing proven ingredients like capsaicin and essential oils.

Powerful plant-based ingredients that work synergistically to address inflammation and promote long term healing & recovery.

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