The Belly Sleeper

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About The Belly Sleeper

Sleeping on your stomach can cause a major strain on the muscles in your neck and back, causing you to wake up sore, tired, achy, and frustrated overall. Belly Sleep’s mission to bring comfort and pain-free sleeping back to the millions of people that prefer to sleep on their stomachs.

The Belly Sleeper is a thin, 2.5in lofted gel-infused memory foam pillow. The slim profile allows for the head and neck to maintain a better alignment position while on your stomach (and back!), while the premium memory foams both support and adds cooling technology.

The pillows also feature ergonomically curved edges to help reduce rotation of the head, leaving your neck in a more neutral position. This not only allows for a more comfortable resting position but also helps improve breathing by putting less pressure on airways.

The pillow is hypoallergenic and comes with an extremely soft, bamboo cover. This material works to wick away moisture and eliminate bacteria so that you always have a clean and hygienic place to lay your head down at night. The cover is removable and washable. (Silk Age-Delay Pillowcase and traditional Cotton Pillowcases are also available.)

Belly Sleeper Mini – travel / kids version also available.

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