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STRYVE with its headquarters in Germany and US location in Delaware is a brand focused on quality and innovation to offer workout accessories that go above and beyond the basic demands of an active athlete or casual exerciser by reimagining what workout routines could look like with more efficient, clean, and aesthetically pleasing products. Design awards and patents not only underline but put a strong statement on the uniqueness of our products. Our flagship product, a deceivingly simple gym towel known as Towell+ with 5 unique features earned us global recognition and brought us to become the most sold gym/fitness towel in Europe. By adding bacterial resistant material we included a feature in the times where hygiene is more and more important to give all workout enthusiasts more peace of mind when working out. However, the Towell+ was only the start for STRYVE. We have just begun to scratch the surface of what a creative team with their finger on the pulse of the athleisure community can offer. Let us change together the landscape of workout accessories for the good.

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