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About Sound CBD

As a family, we founded Sound CBD because we believe that general wellness should be an everyday priority. We know that when you feel good you can do more good. And just one good deed ripples throughout the world in ways we can’t even imagine. This is why we wanted everyone to have the opportunity to experience how CBD can help enhance their personal wellness.

Our family Apaid has a deep-rooted tradition of using plants as a source of relief and wellness. Local medicinal teas and tinctures, oils, and balms are the results of ancient wisdom cultivated by understanding the interconnectedness of the people and the planet. To ensure that we meet our goal of producing the highest quality CBD products, we decided to commit to owning the entire process — otherwise known as “seed-to-sale.” We grow our own hemp with the best Non-GMO industrial hemp seeds from Oregon.

We also have full control of the extraction process which takes place in our labs just steps from the fields basking. Therefore, providing excellent quality as the family can stay hands-on throughout every step of the harvesting and manufacturing process. Our extraction is based on a cryoethanol process. The cryoethanol process is commonly called Cold Ethanol Extraction, the cryogenic extraction process is inherently optimized to provide a full spectrum oil.

This same process is also the reason we can have a TRUE Full Spectrum with a higher variety of cannabinoids than other competitors. As a result, it takes care of both – the purity of the product and conserving the CBD in a more natural process. Our CBD products are manufactured in an FDA and USDA-registered facility located in South Florida.

Sound CBD Products:

CBD Gummies
Raspberry CBD Gummies 1,500mg
Mango CBD Gummies 1,500mg
Fruit Mix CBD Gummies 1,500mg
Pomegranate CBD Gummies 1,500mg

CBD Creams
Lavender Eucalyptus CBD Cream 500mg
Calming Menthol CBD Cream 500mg

CBD Tincture Oil
Peppermint CBD Oil 1000mg
Peppermint CBD Oil 2000mg
Peppermint CBD Oil 3000mg

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