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About SOL Hydration Company

Did you know that 75% of adults in the United States are chronically dehydrated? Daily Sol helps get us back on the right track without a “proprietary formula” (or tons of sugar) and instead uses electrolytes and minerals from Himalayan salt to keep you hydrated.

We believe in real food so our goal was to create a hydration drink without all the extra junk – no powders, artificial flavors, and definitely no added sugar. Daily Sol uses the perfect mix of Himalayan salt, organic lemon juice, and natural spring water to create the perfect solution to your daily hydration habit. Daily Sol only uses a dash of Himalayan salt and a squirt of lemon juice to create a refreshing way to start your day…or have after a workout, or before a workout, or when you feel sluggish, or after the party, or the morning after the party…

We started our mission in the long summer of 2020, when we realized we are living in an increasingly disconnected world. In these times, the smallest behavior change can make truly significant impacts on ourselves and the people around us. SOL Hydration Company is here to remind us that staying hydrated can be simple and the first step towards making a better world. We are all connected and we can all make a positive difference in ourselves and one another.

Make the commitment to hydrate yourself and we will match that commitment by pledging to donate 5 cents for each can to help save the Amazon Rainforest.

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