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Driven by the mission of Helping Millions®, Silver Lion Farms® is dedicated to the growth and production of organic consumer focused hemp-derived products and targeted formulations for CPG manufactures.

Silver Lion Farms singular focus on providing the highest quality organic hemp CBD products on the market drove us to expand out of ingredient grade products into consumer-focused options to provide quality, transparency, and education around hemp derived CBD and other products.

RISE and UNWIND were thoughtfully and scientifically developed using our own organically grown premium hemp CBD which then goes through the process of removing all traces of THC so that it is safe to use for everyone. We then run it through an emulsification process to create a nanoized version which makes for better bioavailability. Then we formulated each product using other proven adaptogens, vitamins and minerals to create the effects that back up the claims on our products.

We believe in hemp as an ingredient that aids in better performance and healthier living. Just like any ingredient we recognize that it’s true potential is unlocked when combined with other naturally occurring ingredients proven to help humans lead better lives and we will continue to lead the market through thoughtful formulations based on science combined with radical honesty, quality, and education.

Silver Lion Farms. CBD for Exceptional Humans.


  • 1 gummy, capsule or drop from tincture before work is all you need.
  • Designed to help you get into your flow state for the day ahead.
  • Focused, clear, relaxed.
  • THC free broad spectrum organically grown hemp derived CBD.

RISE to shine.

RISE is formulated to help you charge into the day ahead minus the dread and anxiety that can accompany it. We created RISE with ashwagandha to help relieve anxiety, L-Theanine to help boost mood, and vitamin D to aid in neurotrophic signaling and combating depression. Finally we added in a little organic hemp to amplify the positive mood heading into the day.


  • 1 gummy, capsule or drop from tincture after work is all you need.
  • Designed to relieve the stressors of a long day without putting you to sleep.
  • Relaxed, relieved, rejuvenated.
  • THC free broad spectrum organically grown hemp derived CBD.

UNWIND from the grind.

Unwind is formulated to help you relax from the daily grind without being zonked out. We added zinc, turmeric, and ginger to help reduce the inflammation that builds up in your body due to the stressors of the daily grind. Then we combined that with all-natural hemp derived terpenes that are known for their analgesic and anti-anxiety properties to bring your body and mind into a smooth and happy alignment so you can enjoy your downtime doing whatever floats your boat.


RISE + UNWIND are meant to balance your body, quiet your mind, and soothe your soul. While you can take one without the other taking RISE in the morning and UNWIND in the evening helps to relieve the underlying root causes of sleeplessness such as anxiety and stress induced inflammation that accumulates throughout the day.


  • Calm Focus – Ashwagandha paired with Vitamin D, L-Theanine and organic hemp derived CBD creates a calm, focused mindset to help boost your daily productivity*
  • Daily Recovery – Promotes reduction in inflammation with healthy doses of Zinc, Turmeric, Ginger and organic hemp derived CBD*
  • Non-Drowsy – Formulated to help you to uncover the joys of relaxed energy without feeling zoned out*

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not meant to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

Available in the following skus:

  • Gummies – 30 count
  • Capsules – 30 count
  • Tinctures – 500mg
  • More skus coming through out 2023.

Pricing and Marketing

  • Volume pricing available
  • New customer specials
  • Low MOQs
  • Marketing support available for clients