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SHEATH is a passionate, veteran-founded company dedicated to health, fitness and style with a focus on conceptualizing products that will transform people’s lives. Specializing first and foremost in men’s functional under apparel, SHEATH offers a variety of different underwear cuts, styles and fabric compositions all equipped with our unique isolative pouch design.

The idea is a simple one; a pouch for your joey, a hammock for your soldier, a holster for your gun, a sheath for your sword. Our unique pouch design isolates the male anatomy from the inner thigh region, thereby eliminating the need to readjust by keeping everything cool and dry in even the most stifling situations. Whether it’s hiking, biking, sports, weight training, martial arts, sitting at your desk or simply lounging on the couch, SHEATH’s functional design will keep you comfortable and focused for the long haul.

Supporting genital health and comfort is a serious matter, but there is no reason that supreme comfort cannot also be stylish. At SHEATH, we proudly present you with the opportunity to not only look your best, but feel your best.

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