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About SERV Nutrition

SERV Nutrition is a health supplement company that uses its innovative products to disrupt the large supplement industry. SERV plans to forever change the way users consume powdered supplements with their flagship product, the dissolvable protein drop. The dissolvable protein drop is Chocolate Milkshake-flavored whey protein enrobed in an edible, 100% food-grade film that dissolves completely when placed in a liquid. The outer film is a combination of sugars and alcohols similar to the outer casing of a gel or supplement tablet. Currently, the dissolvable protein drops are sold in a 30-serving pack, 7-serving pack, and a box of 10 single packs. Exciting new flavors are coming in the near future with the addition of Vanilla Ice Cream Meal Replacement Protein, Vanilla Vegan Protein, Greens Powder, and Pre-workout.

SERV is spurred by its passion for creating healthy people so making health supplements more accessible to all is the name of the game. It’s also passionate about building a community of people that understand the importance of service to others. To support this, SERV has created Purchase For Purpose, which is a giveback initiative that allows SERV to feed a MannaPack meal to a child and its family overseas in Rakai, Uganda with every product that is sold. A MannaPack is a nutrient-rich meal containing rice, soy nuggets, and dehydrated vegetables. This blend was carefully formulated to give their bodies exactly what it needs to combat hunger and disease.

So as you can see, SERV prides itself on providing the best experience for the end-user. As a retailer, we are positive that this is your focus as well. We would love to partner with you to help serve your customers and add value, convenience, and accessibility to their nutrition.

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