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No one likes to be wasteful, and we are no exception. But, time and time again, we found ourselves wasting fruits and vegetables that had gone bad before we had a chance to use them for smoothies. We solved our own problem by creating SANS, a unique line of products that pumps air out of your favorite drinks to keep them fresher, longer. Wasteful, no more.

It took over a year to design, create and test to ensure these one-of-a-kind products are perfect to preserve smoothies, shakes, juices, fruits and vegetables, baby food and even red wine.

Our product lineup includes:

SANS Original 16oz. Glass Smoothie and Shake Savers in Mint Green, Berry Blue, Watermelon and Glacier Gray
SANS Lite 16oz. Tritan Plastic Smoothie and Shake Savers in Clear
SANS XL 32oz. Glass Smoothie and Shake Savers in Mint Green and Glacier Gray
SANS 8oz. Baby Food Savers in Berry Blue and Grapefruit Pink

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