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About Rohtos Labs

Rohtos Labs is an independent, Arctic based manufacturer of personalized nutrition. We make premium formulations for sports and wellness using plant based performance enhancers and micronutrient combinations for a range of key human needs. Our mission is to help people ‘biohack’ for their optimal health and performance utilizing some of natures most potent adaptogens and botanical ingredients. As people become more aware of their individual needs for improved health, immunity and wellbeing, we commit to taking the guesswork out of supplementation.

Our products are concepted and manufactured in-house in adherence to a strict Nordic standard of quality, transparency and trust; and we work with athletes, sports scientists and health experts in development and telling our story. We focus on key areas of concern and physiological impacts that affect many people today and have created high potency blends to boost performance across these areas. So whether its boosting your workout performance and recovery, improving your memory and focus or managing daily stress we have a natural formula that’s just for you.

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