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About Re-up Recovery

Time to meet your new favorite topical pain relief products! Who better to create a product that actually works, than people who use it. Re-up Recovery was founded by a group of professional athletes, stunt performers and people who shared a passion for movement. Pushing our bodies to the limit has always been the norm, and so has the pain that comes with that. With having minimal, to no time to recover properly, we needed a solution; So we made one.

All our formulas are developed with a blend of science and mother nature. The bases we use are specifically selected to provide the most effective delivery vehicle for the best results. We take into account that many effective delivery vehicles may have unwanted side effects as seen throughout the pharmaceutical industry. Our formulas have engaged only the most natural, and effective solutions to integrate both the miracle of mother nature’s ingredients, with cutting edge science to promote a healthy lifestyle and the best form of recovery.

Meet your new favorite topical pain relief roll-on! Prepare is infused with fast-acting ingredients to help alleviate pain from backaches, muscle spasms, arthritis, sports injuries & more! The excuse of being too sore to train is no longer valid. Re-up Recovery is a topical pain relief that uses natural ingredients with a blend of mother nature and science. Prepare is designed to shake that old annoying pain to prepare your muscles for activity; this convenient roll-on is a swift kick to the senses with menthol that stimulates the nerves and increases blood flow to the area. Our fast-acting temporary pain relief formula allows you to overcome those mental barriers and put in that work.

When to use: Before or during your workout and with general aches/pains.
What to expect: Strong cooling sensation

Deep Tissue Cream:
Recovery is designed for post-workout and to aid with general aches and pains. Re-up Recovery Deep Tissue Cream feels like an icy and mild heat sensation on your skin and has the recovery benefits of an anti-inflammatory supplement and over-the-counter pain reliever. Our unique transdermal formula penetrates through the skin layer and exerts the effects of our key ingredients on deeper and more distant tissues. Recovery supports the muscle by helping it relax and recover by reducing inflammation and increasing blood circulation.

When to use: Post-workout or to aid with general aches/pains.
What to expect: Strong icy and mild heat sensation with a eucalyptus/peppermint smell

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