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About POUTEE Company

POUTEE is a diverse team that works with industry leading partners to create effective, quality THC-Free Broad Spectrum CBD formulations designed to work with your body naturally to support your unique ‘active.’ We’re also a thoughtful company that is constantly striving for higher levels of sustainability. Through the environmental benefits of cannabis, our recycle, reduce and reuse kits, organic farming, our partnership with 1% For the Planet, carbon offsetting, and other programs, we love that helping our customers helps the earth too. As innovation and the definition of how to “do good” is constantly evolving, we are passionately committed to discovering new and improved ways to bring solutions that are simple, accessible, and not only good for you, but the planet as well.

We love having a diverse selection of products with a texture for every season, but we are most excited for our unique pairing of a CBD solution with a reusable massager head applicator. Our oil and gel products use organically grown hemp and when applied with our massager head, the experience is a perfect post-workout recovery solution that can help to relieve the effects of lactic acid while providing immediate relief and/or a soothing spa massage experience for everyday aches and stress like the universally relatable pandemic tech-neck.

We are excited for you to ‘roll with us’ and so for a limited time, we are offering an exclusive NRA 20% discount on your first order including free shipping always and any qualifying ongoing promotions. Connect with us to find out more. Looking forward to working with you!

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