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About OnMi

OnMi creates transdermal patches that are an easy, effective, and fun way to take your vitamins!

Beyond being a relatively new and innovative technology, our patches serve a practical purpose:

They provide a convenient, comfortable way to meet the needs of people who can’t physically swallow pills, who have gastrointestinal issues, or who prefer the ease of transdermal delivery.

We believe there is a new way to feel your best. Your skin is your largest organ protecting and supporting you on a daily basis. And our patches? They do the same.

What’s inside? Only responsibly sourced vitamins and naturally derived botanicals. Zero fillers or additives.

OnMi Patches are always sugar free, gluten free, hypoallergenic, dye free, latex free, and paraben free.

Easy and convenient to use!
1. Simply peel patch from its protective film
2. Place on a clean, dry area of skin (we recommend your inner wrist, hip, or shoulder!)
3. Enjoy for 12 hours
4. Gently peel to remove.

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