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About Lyberate Nutrition

Our story begins years ago with our founder being raised by a mother who is passionate about herbs and using natural supplements to assist the body in healing. After the founder’s sister was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer and went through chemotherapy, he wanted to find a natural solution to help her anxiety, insomnia, and help her feel better or at least as best as she could that would not interact with her medications. Lyberate Nutrition was born during COVID pandemic as a way to provide help to those who struggle with anxiety, insomnia, and overall well-being using all natural high quality ingredients and products.

Lyberate Nutrition’s mission and purpose is to provide natural supplements made from herbs, vitamins, and amino acids to reduce symptoms of stress, anxiety, sleeplessness, and mental health issues.

Our 9 Current products are:

SLUMBER: Proprietary blend of natural ingredients that assist with symptoms of insomnia, chronic pain, relieves stress and anxiety, and acts as a natural sleep aid.

RELIEF: Proprietary blend of natural ingredients that helps to manage stress, fights exhaustion naturally, supports nerve health, and fights off symptoms of anxiety.

BRAINZYMES: Proprietary blend of natural ingredients aimed to enhance nutrition absorption, create healthy gut and healthy mind connection, improve digestion health, and reduce stress induced digestive issues.

STRONG: Proprietary blend of natural ingredients to enhance male performance, improve blood flow, promotes stamina and endurance, and lift the mood.

BOOST: High Quality US made Ashwagandha made with Black pepper to enhance effectiveness, it normalizes energy and mood, boosts brain power & immunity, and promotes stress reduction.

LIFT: High Quality US made 5-HTP that promotes healthy mood, provides neurotransmitter support and better sleep, and improves symptoms of anxiety and muscle pain.

MAG-G+: High quality US made Magnesium Citrate that enhances mood and exercise performance, boost energy levels, and regulates mental brain health.

FEMME-Proprietary blend of natural ingredients specifically formulated for the female body to help with overall mood enhancement, sexual performance, and stress reduction.

FOCUS-Proprietary blend of natural ingredients that enhances brain and mental function, so you can operate at peak levels.

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