Kurt’s Energy and Endurance Bars

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About Kurt’s Energy and Endurance Bars

Kurt Niemackl, the proprietor of All Sports Nutrition, LLC and the creator of Kurt’s Energy and Endurance Bars found himself at a crossroads; a lifelong fitness enthusiast who developed a passion for triathlons, more notably Ironman races, needed to do more nutritionally to support his training and the intensity of these 7 to 17 hour long races most people dismiss as insane. Not a single bar on the market was cutting it. He made the decision and commitment to create something that not only could sustain an elite level of performance but also tasted superb with pleasant texture and ease of digestion.

Kurt’s Energy and Endurance Bars are an Oat-based high-energy food. Our main ingredient delivers satisfaction on several fronts:

• Sustained Energy: With a lower glycemic index the rate of digestion is slower allowing for a steady source of fuel for longer durations.

• Digestibility: A fine complement to the rate of digestion is the ease of it as well; Kurt’s Bars go down easy and even under exertion can be enjoyed without upsetting the stomach. As an added benefit, the resistant starches present within oats promote healthy gut flora.

• Palatability: They are delicious. A favorite quality of our customers.
Kurt’s Energy and Endurance Bars were made to be versatile. A perfect way to fuel up prior to training or hold you over until your next meal. Who’s hungry?

• Athletes: Pre-training/Sporting Event: Enjoy one 30 minutes before warm-up.
Session length 90 minutes or more? Start eating another after an hour. Post-training: Kurt’s Bars are a great way to replenish muscle glycogen and promote recovery. Be sure to include a healthy source of protein after training.

• Office Champions: Stomach talking so loud you can’t hear yourself think? Kurt’s Bars are a great way to boost cognitive performance on top of meal replacement. Focus on finishing your tasks and keep hunger at bay.

• Snack Time: Got a sweet tooth? Give yourself a healthier option that takes care of the cravings.

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