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The “new” normal for people to obsessively clean the entire time they are exercising, combined with the worry of social distancing if they are in a group setting. TALK ABOUT STRESS!

BENCHBARRIER™ is designed to help in alleviating all that stress by providing a new and long-term solution to revolutionize the “new” normal for the fitness experience moving forward.

People are covering their faces and hands. Why not have the ability for individuals to have an effective cover for the fitness equipment they are using?

BENCHBARRIER™ is a uniquely effective fitness equipment covering for individuals to employ while they exercise with various pieces of fitness equipment. It is easy to use, adapts quickly to all different types of gym equipment and is made from an ultra-soft and ultra-absorbent split microfiber material, that has been treated with silver ions. Silver ions inhibit bacterial and fungal growth in the fabric. This treatment specifically keeps the fabric fresh and odor free as they use it while exercising. BENCHBARRIER™ is for each individual person to use, as their own personal version of Fitness PPE, to give that extra feeling of confidence as they exercise. Its “Fitness Focused” design helps users have more peace-of-mind and less worry, so they can focus on what they are doing rather than obsessively cleaning while exercising.

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