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About Huntsboro Hemp Company

Huntsboro Hemp Company was founded in 2018 to provide consistently high-quality CBD products to lead to healthier and more fulfilled living across the United States and abroad. Our small-town values and family-centered work environment drive our transparency, friendly service, and care for our customers. Our CBD-isolate base along with the unique use of terpenes creates a consistent experience for all and we routinely hear that our unique recipe outperforms our competitors for both function and flavor.

The tincture and honey line boast ingredients grown and harvested on our third-generation family farm. CBD is shown to be a natural anti-inflammatory and honey is rich in antioxidants. Together, along with the unique terpene blend in each tincture, the tinctures offer not only the benefits of CBD, but peripheral benefits of honey and terpenes.

Our topical line is unique, too, as we’ve used goat’s milk cream as the vehicle for CBD in our COMFORT cream. Goat’s milk is gentle enough for all-over use and full of nutrients such as: proteins, iron, vitamins A, B6, B12, C, D, and E which all replenish and moisturize skin. When combined with CBD’s potential benefits for joint and muscle pain, it packs a powerful punch! Similarly, the CBD in UNWIND Bath Bombs works to decrease inflammation and relieve skin irritations while the essential oils provide peripheral benefits to relieve congestion, open up your sinuses and respiratory system, and stress relief while creating a relaxing environment for your bathtime. Coconut oil, epsom salt, and baking soda combine to give your skin a super-soft feel and remove toxins from the body. Your skin absorbs the CBD isolate while you soak to aid in joint pain relief, muscle recovery, and anxiety relief.

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