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About HIT5

HIT5 is a revolutionary CBD infused breakthrough, designed by a neurologist and a team of scientists and biochemists for High Intensity Training. It is a powerful blend that specifically targets repair and replenishment.

NOT ONLY IS HIT5’s combination of anti-inflammatory ingredients unique, so is our CBD. Each serving contains 25 mg of Micellized CBD. Micellized CBD allows for quicker absorption so it’s more bioavailable. This affords athletes superior access to CBD’s benefits. Our CBD is derived from an organic, non-GMO hemp supply grown in California. HIT5 contains 0% THC and is subject to extensive third-party testing to ensure product purity.

AND NOT JUST A BETTER CBD. It’s the combination of ingredients. HIT5 wouldn’t be nearly as effective if it relied solely on CBD. But in combination with HIT5’s proprietary anti-inflammatory blend- curcumin, CoQ10, vitamin B-12, organic coconut water and essential nutrients- HIT5 can provide athletes the total solution for effective repair and recovery.

HIT5 comes in three delicious flavors… and it is only 50 calories per 16 oz serving, with no added sugar, artificial flavors, or preservatives.

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