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About Hero Complex

Hero Complex is an active lifestyle and fitness inspired CBD brand that aims to help the world live healthier active lifestyles when it comes to pain, inflammation, stress, anxiety and sleep. We currently carry 3 products that we believe are some of the best out.

1. The First CBD Pre Workout Energy Vape on the market:
– 1g cartridge, 250 mg of Full Spectrum CBD, 3mg of Caffeine, Peppermint Essential Oil, Tangerine Essential Oil, Terpenes.
– The quickest delivery method into the bloodstream is inhalation. Quickest, Cleanest Pre Workout.
– Designed to give a nice ‘pick-me-up’ with the energy blend, mental clarity, focus. No jitters or Pre Workout drink mess

2. CBD/DMSO Muscle Roll On: 30mL or 10mL
– DMSO is an anti inflammatory, its super effective in penetrating the skin, and it acts as a carrier for CBD.
– CBD is more bioavailable to the body because of the DMSO
– Pro Athletes use DMSO and they use DMSO on horses because of how effective it is.

3. CBD Liquid Softgels
– Made with a patented technology
– Water Soluble, doesn’t degrade in stomach acid, bypasses the liver
– 90% retention vs 30% with a standard softgel

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