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Endurance NYC is a fitness accessory company with a full line of health, wellness and recovery products.

Rethinking It Got a Little … Personal.

One of our founders had an injury that brought it closer to home. Dull and drab just isn’t fun, and his recovery needed some of that. But when those products just didn’t exist, he was inspired to rethink fitness accessories, and took an entire category to a higher level.

Innovation with Elevated Functionality.

We’re committed to looking at even the most tried, true and familiar products with fresh eyes. This enables EDX by Endurance to reimagine them, take them farther, raise the bar and by exploring what’s possible without restrictions, we deliver more than expected.

Design that Enhances the Experience.

We believe a customer’s relationship with our products begins with its packaging and ours make a statement, set a tone, and distinguishes us from competitors that all seem to blend together. From color to packaging EDX design reflects a wholly reimagined functionality,

More Products, More Choices, More Value.

Because we understand that everyone has unique needs and preferences our products offer more choices. Yet, for every product and at every price point, our non-negotiable promise is greater value for your fitness investment. Don’t settle, demand better. EDX.

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