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About Dioxyme

Dioxyme was born when a surgeon, who worked with professional athletes, came to understand the dirty secret of the supplement industry: most supplements do not work. They are designed only for profit and they are not formulated with athletic performance in mind. Through his own exhaustive review of the scientific literature, and the help of top athlete volunteers, he found that the highest quality ingredients given at proper dosages resulted in significant improvements in performance. And so when his son retired from his professional hockey career, the two joined forces to form Dioxyme. 

Dioxyme produces a select, small line of ultra premium products that work. Each is designed to taste great and produce the results that scientific studies show the ingredients should produce.

Our Grass Fed Ultra Whey protein uses a blend of Grass-Fed Whey Protein Isolate that is 93% protein (the standard in the industry is 90%), and Grass-Fed Whey Protein Concentrate that is 81% protein (the industry standard ranges from 32-80%).  The whey is from in pasture raised, grass fed, cows from Ireland and Scotland.  The whey is micro and ultra filtered at cold temperature and low pressure producing only non-denatured, intact protein fractions.  All natural flavorings are used with coconut water and sucralose for sweetness, and digestive enzymes to increase protein uptake by 3X.   

MPO – Muscle Protein Optimizer is unique and there is no other product on the market.  In fact it is the first in the Natural Performance Enhancer Category.  MPO increases athletic performance with each and every dose.  Because the individual can feel the difference in their workouts or game performance, it becomes a requirement in their pantry.  MPO increases strength, power and endurance.  The results are seen immediately.  Yet it contains no stimulants, only uses natural, legal, ingredients, and can be used daily for adding lean mass, or before an athletic event to improve performance.  MPO comes in lemonade flavor and is mixed in water. It contains 5 key ingredients that when mixed together create a synergistic effect far greater than the sum of its parts.  

VMINO Plant based Branched Chain Amino Acids (BCAA). BCAAs are used in fitness to increase muscle growth, decrease muscle soreness following exercise, and improve recovery.  In health they significantly improve blood sugar, immunity, pregnancy, liver health, intestinal health.  Most BCAAs are derived from bird feathers, cock combs, and animal skins.  VMINO BCAAs only use plant derived amino acids. VMINO comes in blue razz, fruit punch, tangerine, green apple and unflavored for mixing in water, stacking with MPO, or mixing with a preworkout. 

E energy, focus, limitless:  E is a capsule that uses 5 nootropics (brain performance enhancers) and a 350mg extended release caffeine.  It provides clean, clear, in the zone, mental focus and performance as well as no jitter energy for 6 hours.  It is used by professionals on Wall Street, as well as athletes in the gym, and anyone who desires focus and performance throughout their day.  In addition, E acts as an appetite suppressant and increases fat burning naturally without producing excess heat in the body.  

Vital100– Is a daily multivitamin specifically designed for active men, women and athletes.  Vitamin formulation and needs for active and athletic individuals is different than those for a sedentary individuals.  Vital100 is a once a day capsule to provide all the micronutrient’s the body needs for performance. It is also an ideal pre-natal as pregnant women have higher metabolic needs than the average individual. 

Omega-3:  Ultra high potency omega-3 providing 30 days of 1600mg EPA and 1200mg DHA – the 2 critical essential fatty acids that over 50% of North Americans are deficient in.  EPA and DHA are used by the neuro-muscular system for normal function.  Omega-3 is critical not only for optimal performance and athletic recovery but also for daily peace of mind and elimination of anxiety,   Omega-3 produces no fish burps.

Burn3000 CLA – is a capsule of the essential fatty acid CLA. It is used by the body naturally to enhance the immune system but most people take it to enhance the burning of fat. A great, non-stimulant addition to anyone trying to shed excess body fat.  Each gel cap is taken before a meal, 3X a day. 

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