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About Chilyo


As a pioneer in Environmental Skincare, Chilyo has set out to develop products that enhance our everyday lives. It is our commitment to quality that has us always searching for the best ingredients to offer protection for the uncertain always changing environment. We set out on a mission to make luxurious products that keep us in touch with the body and the mind – to help us heal ourselves from the inside out, regardless of our environment, so that our lives become enriched with health and happiness, thus following the traditional path of healing.

We offer 4 products. A Muscle Balm Creme, A Face and Neck Creme, A Eye and Lobe Serum and A Elixir Mist Spray.

Our Muscle Balm will help:

Soothe and Relieve Muscle Soreness
Moisturize and Nourish the Skin
Activate the Skin’s Natural Healing Response
Rebuild and Revitalize Skin’s Dermal Matrix
Assist in Faster and More Effective Injury Recovery


Regular use of our Face and Neck Crème will help:

Relax Fine Lines and Wrinkles
Maintain Moisture
Preserve Skin Texture and Tone
Prolong Long-Lasting Skin Hydration
Restore Firmness and Elasticity
Shrink Pores


Regular use of our Total Eye and Lobe Serum will help to:

Decrease Dark Circles
Repair Dullness
Reduce Bags and Under-Eye Puffiness
Eliminate Dryness
Restore Firmness
Restore Elasticity


The regular us of our Facial Elixir Mist will help:

Soothe and Pamper your Skin as it Revitalizes the Senses
Enhance and Maintain Skin
Hydrate and Bind Moisture
Protect from Environmental Free-Radical Damage
Increase Firmness and Elasticity
Prime your Complexion for a Perfect Makeup Application Surface
Cool Inflammation
Calm the Senses

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