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About ALKMY Adaptogens Medicinal Mushrooms

Adaptogenic herbs and medicinal mushrooms have recently seen a huge spike in popularity, as practitioners of traditional medicine where these substances have been used for millennia we are well aware of what the problems they can solve and benefits they bring. However the current market has been flooded with substandard products, the majority of which are compromised at every level from cultivation to potency to purity. Many brands claim high polysaccharide and beta glucan counts but because they are not grown on the correct substrates in the correct manner their mushrooms are simply full of grain sugars and offer very little in the way of medicinal benefit. Many are not mushrooms at all and are simply mycelium powder which offers no benefit at all, except, peharps an expensive placebo. Also, it is important to note that as part of their nature mushrooms absorb all of the toxins from their environment very efficently and therefore a non organic product is not only useless but also potentially dangerous.

ALKMY Adaptogens was set up to solve this problem. Our medicinal mushrooms are superior on every level. We use all organic, only fruiting bodies full mushrooms in our products that contain only the correct mushroom nutrients in the highest ratios on the market appropriate to each different mushroom.

We offer four Organic products, which are Reishi, Cordyceps, Lion’s mane and Chaga. Our products are all grown on the correct substrates in the strictest conditions by master mycologists and extracted and processed in the highest spec GMP labs in Europe. Each batch is tested once upon harvest and after extraction and again by a third party lab when complete. Our products are without a question the best and excel other brands in every metric. You and your customers deserve the best and for this is ALKMY Adaptogens is at your service.