7 Ways To Stretch Your Budget

Making careful use of money sounds boring, but it is a needed skill today. There isn’t a magic solution to pay debts, the only way to be able to do it and be left with some extra money is to start planning how and when to spend your very hard earned payments. In an unfriendly economy such as this one, the prices are rising and the taxes are always changing so we must learn how to adapt our budgets to be able to live without constant worries.

  1. Avoid using credit cards often. Some might resort to credit cards and loans to be able to afford their desired things and while they aren’t always bad, relying on them can be a very bad habit that can leave some paying even more than they thought. If you don’t want to pay interest to a bank, then avoid using credit cards often, using debit cards or cash to make payments will ensure you more power for your money. Not having to make monthly payments will ensure you more of your own money to spend.
  1. Look for better subscriptions.There are some somewhat unnecessary monthly payments we can’t evade, like our internet or cellphone plans as it would be very hard to live without them. But you can still be on the lookout for plans that adjust better to your current situation.

If you believe that you can live with a slower but cheaper internet speed then go for it, the same could be said for asking for fewer channels on your cable subscription or for fewer minutes on your cellphone plan. When you’re not watching most channels on your cable subscription or if you always end up with unspent minutes on your cellphone then it might be time to move to cheaper and more efficient subscriptions, as these are decisions that can lower your monthly bills.

  1. Plan how to spend your money. Make a list of the things you really need to pay, like the rent, water and light bills and food, and assign some of your budget to them as these are the things you should take care of first. Now make a list of things you are paying but don’t really need that help you with your daily life, like the internet or a cellphone plan and assign them part of your budget. After that is done think how you would want to use the leftover money, you should save some and spend the rest or save everything. 
  1. This point goes in hand with the previous one, making a budget will give you a clear view of the things you need to pay first. If you haven’t bought enough food then don’t spend your money on clothes or other unnecessary things.
  1. Use public transport. Using the public transport will save you money on the maintenance and fuel costs of your vehicles, most cities have efficient public transport that will cover your moving necessities.
  1. Take advantage of free activities. There are some things that offer free things on your city, like public libraries that offer free internet, books and DVDs, some libraries even started offering videogames. Outdoor activities like hiking, running and swimming can be done without spending a dime and are fun and healthy.
  1. Save money. Now that you know how to spend less, then it is time to understand that saving money each month will give you more buying power. If you don’t save money then you will get a financial crisis whenever a disaster occurs, like a car wreck or a medical emergency, saving money will also give you the chance to spend on pricier products of higher quality that will last you more than cheaper ones.

Spending less and saving more is all that you need to know, sounds simple but it helps pay the bills.

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