5 Things Every Retailer Wants To Hear About New Products

In a world where competition is everywhere and constant just making a good product isn’t enough, and that’s a shame, because designing, branding and producing something takes money, time and sweat. Isn’t rare for a finished product to never reach the shelves of retail stores due to never getting the right attention from the right retailer or because its sales pitch wasn’t convincing enough.

Selling to a retail store can be a hard task if you do not know how to get them interested. While there are a lot of preparations you can do to improve your success, it won’t be enough if you come to them as someone inexperienced, remember that they’re making business and they’re putting their money on the line, and no one likes having financial losses due to the mistakes of someone else.

We want you to make business right, so here are 5 things every retailer wants to hear about new products.

Confidence. You want them to know that you believe that your product will sell without even saying it. So be concise, bring a good quality picture of your product and present yourself briefly. if you have sold products before then it is a good idea to demonstrate it, because retailers care about your past successes, they will be more likely to work with someone who has experience in selling because they won’t have to risk themselves working with someone inexperienced.

However, what if you haven’t sold anything before? Then you better start working on convincing, because they will want to hear how your product will sell once it reaches their stores.

What have you done for it to success. If you mention that you recently made a press release or that you have made some marketing for it on the streets or on social networks then they will want to know more. A product that is already known by potential customers will be more likely to sell.

How much you know your product. If you have done research on your product then show it to them, if they know that you have studied its target customers and know how many people are likely to buy it, then they will know that they can put some trust in your product. Prepare some answers in case they have questions like how is your product made and how are you planning to distribute it.

How good your brand is. A good product will make customers buy it and a good brand will make them buy it again. If you show retailers that you’re interested in more than selling a product to your customers then you will get their attention. Customers who are loyal to brands will make more profits for retail owners as products from a good brand will always sell more.

That you’re able to deliver your product. When you’re selling to a retail store you must show them proof that you will be able to replenish their stores, remember that they lose money if you don’t deliver your product in time. Pick a retail store that accommodates your distribution network, if you don’t produce enough of your product then it might not be a good idea to sell to a very large store.

If it is your first time selling to a retailer then use these tips to your advantage, remember to believe in your product and to show proof of its possible success, and above all, don’t let the fear of failing refrain you from trying, good luck!

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