5 Apps You Should Know About

Using your smartphone to the fullest could help you become more efficient in your daily life. Native applications installed by default on your phone can offer you the ability to check your email, edit your pictures and play music, these are useful, of course, but these aren’t only ones that are able to offer you ways to interact with your smartphone. There are hundreds of thousands of useful applications launched each year and most of them get better over time thanks to their constant updates.

And since there are so many we decided to show you which 5 apps you should know about.

  1. Google MapsThis is one of the most overlooked applications, while it is installed natively in almost all Android smartphones most people are not aware of how powerful it is. Being able to pinpoint your location with precision can help you navigate any place you’re traveling in. Google Maps can also tell you how long it can take you to go from one place to another, even if you’re walking, using public transport or your own vehicle. This useful map app can also be used to mark and find geographic locations of interest and to share your own or any other location with another person via SMS, email or social networks.
  1. Sleep Cycle Power NapHave you ever woke up from a nap only to find yourself feeling even more tired than before you went to sleep? That’s because you interrupted a sleep Cycle. Sleep Cycle Power Nap offers you the ability to enhance and customize your naps. It includes an alarm to prevent you from oversleeping and the option to help you sleep a full sleep cycle.
  1. Google AssistantBeing able to access the power of Google’s search engine just using voice commands is as incredible as it sounds. This application can do a lot of things for you, like solve some math equations, make online searches, open websites and applications, make phone-calls, send SMS, and the list goes on and on, it would be like having your own J.AR.V.I.S at the palm of your hand.
  1. Whatsapp and TelegramIf you’re still using SMS or Facebook to write to your friends and relatives then it is time to move to another more efficient chatting platform. Applications like Whatsapp and Telegram are almost used by everyone who likes to be in constant touch with their friends and relatives. Besides writing you can use Whatsapp to make calls and videocalls for free. While telegram doesn’t offer these options it is able to be used in your computer without the need of your smartphone.
  1. Do. This useful application will let you write annotations and reminders, something really useful if you’re always forgetting your errands or the lyrics of a song you heard and liked. Any.Do also has a calendar and the ability to create meetings using mere taps.

While there are many other useful applications these ones are free and can be used anywhere in the world. Install these applications and share them with your friends so you all enjoy them with each other.

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